Gardening tales

We know you come visit Tilli & Ružmarin in a search for cooking inspiration. However, this time we want to inspire you to appreciate it from another angle, by enjoying where your food comes from. We’re no great gardeners ourselves, but making a dinner out of something you grew, even if it’s an herb on your windowsill, is something everyone who loves food should try.

This summer we have shown the wonderful goodies that can come out of a backyard garden in the north of Croatia. Our main goal has been to prove that gardening really is fun. How can you say no to a gentle breeze across your face, birds chirping, and the house cat coming to hang out while you’re weeding? As a disclaimer the garden in question is that of Ružmarin’s parents, so we haven’t been along for the whole process. In our defense, we would have happily joined and gotten our hands dirty after a day of sitting in the office.

The best thing about gardening is that you can start with as little (or as much) as you want and expand when you realize how much fun you are having. We started one spring by planting seeds of a few types of herbs and watched them grow into little green friends that made our dinners taste amazing. Inspired by this first adventure, we added some more plants to our repertoire and now boast around ten herb types on a balcony.

As the calendar has officially transitioned from summer into fall, we thought it would be appropriate to show a few pictures from the last months that may not make it into future blog posts.


The spring began with some blooming chives and rather artistic garlic..


Fast forward a few months and its time to enjoy the fruits of our labor


Isn’t this how we all picture a perfect apple?


Now this is a lazy Sunday for you


During the winter months these little chilies will bring a welcome boost of heat


As the fall arrives its time to think ahead for the next spring


Who knows, maybe this will reveal the green thumbs in a few of you out there. We would love to see what everyone is growing around the year, so let us know if you have some cool ideas! New recipes coming soon for all you disappointed ones, we didn’t get lazy ;)


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