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Faux ice cream / Lažni sladoled / Erilainen jäätelö



Here in the Tilli & Ružmarin kitchen, we like our ice cream spooned on top of almost anything. We don’t have an ice cream machine and buying the ice cream from the store always makes us feel a bit naughty, so we usually think of it as a special treat. Banana ice cream has been all over blogs for a while now, but because of all the unappealing artificial banana flavoured ones you can buy we weren’t all that interested.

Then we were left with a bunch of bananas that were going to go in the trash for being overly ripe, so we stored them in the freezer to try this beauty. You will need a powerful blender for this ice cream and make sure it can chop frozen fruit, otherwise you might end up really disappointed (speaking from personal experience). We added a bit of nutella to the bananas, blended until our blender could blend no more, and were left with a healthy, smooth, creamy ice cream. For those of you who aren’t convinced about banana in your ice cream, the flavour is really mellow and can be made more interesting with any toppings from your favorite flavour, like cocoa powder, hazelnuts, coconut… Enjoy, we’re making it again tomorrow :)


  • 2 large, ripe bananas
  • 1 tbsp nutella
  • 2 velike, zrele banane
  • 1 žlica nutelle
  • 2 kypsää banaania
  • 1 rkl nutellaa


  1. Roughly slice the bananas, put them in a bag and leave in the freezer until completely frozen.
  2. Place the bananas and 1/2 tbsp of nutella in a blender, leave to thaw for a few minutes and blend until smooth.
  3. Swirl the rest of the nutella through the ice cream and serve immediately. If the ice cream started melting already, return it to the freezer for 10 minutes to firm up.
  1. Narežite banane na kriške, ubacite ih u vrećicu i ostavite u zamrzivaču dok se ne smrznu u potpunosti. Ovo je idealan način da iskoristite banane koje su prezrele jer ih možete izvaditi iz zamrzivača i napraviti sladoled kad god dobijete želju za nečim slatkim.
  2. Ubacite banane i pola žlice nutelle u jaki blender koji može podnijeti miksanje zamrznutog voća. Ostavite nekoliko minuta da se banane malo otope, pa miksajte dok ne dobijete kremasti sladoled.
  3. Ostatak nutelle provucite žlicom kroz sladoled da biste dobili vrpcu nutelle. Poslužite odmah, ili ako se sladoled već malo otopio vratite ga u zamrzivač na desetak minuta.
  1. Viipaloi kypsät banaanit ja laita pakastimeen pusissa. Anna kokonaan jäätyä ennen kun valmistat jäätelön
  2. Laita banaanipalaset sekä 1/2 ruokalusikallinen nutelaa tehosekoittimeen ja anna sulata pari minuuttia. Sitten sekoita kunnes syntyy pehmeä jäätelö. Tehosekoittimen tai monitoimikoneen pitää kuitenkin olla tosi tehokas että banaanit sekoittuu.
  3. Lisää jäätelön toinen 1/2 ruokalusikallinen nutelaa ja sekoita läpi jäätelön. Tarjoile heti, jäätelö sulaa nopeasti!

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